I have felt much better the past 3 weeks and have not had to use as much of my pain medicine. I really noticed a different in my pain levels and general well being!

Massage to Maintain Health

Looking for a relaxing and therapeutic massage in Paso Robles? Look no further! Plus Massage offers massage therapy just two blocks from the center of the city of Paso Robles. Our quiet, comfortable and relaxing office is just steps away from restaurants, shopping, movie theatres and hotels. If you are visiting Paso Robles, or live in the area, our location on Railroad Street is easy to find, just a half block from a free city parking lot.
If you are coming with a friend or partner, it is easy for one person to be comfortable and entertained while the other person gets a relaxing massage. Our air-conditioned office provides free wifi while you wait.
Come for a massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic, tailored to your needs. Relax while benefiting from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point and myofascial work. I am also trained in Upledger craniosacral therapy, positional release methodology and other light-touch bodywork. I employ the Auth method of massage for relaxing full strokes that penetrate to the deepest layers of muscle tissue without unnecessary pain.
Make massage a part of your vacation, and a part of your routine self-care!

The Benefits of Massage

Massage can help you feel better in the future, and it can help you feel better NOW! Take the initiative to take good care of yourself… strengthen and nurture yourself, and then you can care for the world around you. Nothing ages you faster or contributes to ill health more than stress. There are emotional benefits from massage, as well as these well-known physical effects…
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Promotes shorter, easier labor
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves muscle and fascia pain
  • Eases sore muscles after a workout
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Releases endorphins
  • Helps combat PMS
  • Reduces headaches
  • Eases the pain of arthritis
  • Helps you look better and age more gracefully

Plus Massage Location

Plus Massage shares an office with

Paso Robles Counseling & Therapy

1140 Railroad Street

Paso Robles, CA 93453

(805) 835-9798


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