I Love My Clients


I Love My Clients

Truly, I love you all and I am missing giving massages to you. I know that lots of people are in pain or anxious, given the circumstances. But I want you to know that I am complying with the request of the State of California. Thank you for all still calling me, and the minute the shelter-in-place order is lifted, I’ll be here for you!

Dear CAMTC Certificate Holders and Approved Schools,
The Governor issued a Stay at Home Order requiring Californians to stay at home unless they are engaged in essential functions. Massage has not been identified as an essential function. CAMTC urges you to comply with the Governor’s Order, which you may find below.
Stay safe, stay healthy.
Thank you


Ellen Fields is a California girl with one foot in Yucatan, Mexico. She is a massage therapist with a software/web/marketing background, a writer, artist, photographer and eminently distractable. About the only time she concentrates on one thing is when she is giving you a great massage...