Get Back to Normal? Maybe not…

Massage in Paso Robles for World Peace

Get Back to Normal? Maybe not…

Now that Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo and all of California is opening up massage therapy, other businesses and relaxing most restrictions, it is tempting to think life will and should go back to normal. Massage in Paso Robles for World Peace

On the other hand, maybe this is a good time to take a deep breath, feel our shoulders relax away from our ears and think how we want to go forward BETTER. A lot went wrong during the past year and a half, but there were some good things that came to light as well.

Speaking just for myself, this last year was a time where I had a chance to slow down, spend more time at home and interact in more meaningful ways with my husband, our friends, our children, our garden, our musical instruments, our phones and TVs (sadly…) and just about everything else.

As a person, I have every intention of holding on to some of the best things that came out of my COVID experience. I intend to spend more time making art, cooking, gardening and spending time with my family and close friends. Nothing seems more important. The COVID time helped me change my focus from “money” over to “time” as being the most important commodity in my life.

As your massage therapist, I encourage you to not rush back to “normal” life. Take more time for yourself and the most meaningful things to you. I encourage you to take your focus off of things, and focus more on experiences. And of course, I encourage you to indulge in thoughtful self care on a daily basis. Take that walk, make that massage appointment, bake your cookies and call that friend.

And above all, be kind. Kindness to others is both self-care AND world-care.


Ellen Fields is a California girl with one foot in Yucatan, Mexico. She is a massage therapist with a software/web/marketing background, a writer, artist, photographer and eminently distractable. About the only time she concentrates on one thing is when she is giving you a great massage...