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Massage Therapist for Peace in Paso Robles

All Customers Get a Deal in October

Because I am always open to meeting new people, I’m offering a deal for new clients forĀ the month of October. Also, I’m celebrating moving to a new office (more on that later). Between SeptemberĀ 30 and October 31, any new customer can get a 60 minute massage at half price! That’s right… an $80 massage for […]

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Fresh Air and Sheets

Recently, my husband was kind enough to install a clothesline for me. We just moved our house to Paso Robles, the land of (seemingly) eternal sunshine, and I wanted to try saving money by drying clothes and sheets in the sun. What a great decision that was! Maybe it is just me, but there is […]

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Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches plague more people than one might imagine… certainly more than I imagined before I got into this field. Some of my clients have found that a regular massage (every two weeks or every month) helps to stave off most of their migraines. I have other clients who come to me because they know […]

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Craniosacral therapy Paso Robles California

Craniosacral Therapy

I just LOVE a good massage. Especially if I haven’t had one for awhile, it seems like my body just craves that special massage touch, that human-to-human sculpting of skin that brings its own special kind of pleasure. And if I’m hurting somewhere, I crave and thoroughly enjoy that exquisite feeling of pleasurable pain. But […]

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Lotions and Potions for Peace

Every now and then, a client will ask me what oils or lotions I use when doing a massage. A good question, really. And trust me, this is something that a massage therapist spends a lot of time thinking about. When I first started massage, I used a combination of oils that included (but were […]

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Outdoor Massage

In my book, there is nothing like a massage in the great outdoors. Earlier this week, I had the privilege of joining a friend who is participating in a work/study program at Esalen. She invited me as a guest and I was able to spend the day enjoying the surroundings. Oh, and my friend is […]

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