Massage in Paso Robles by Ellen Fields is available through appointment only.  But you never know when we might have an opening… give us a call or click below to find out… you might be able to get in the same day!


30 minute massage (back, neck & shoulders) – $45 USD
60 minute massage – $80 USD
90 minute massage – $110 USD
60 minute craniosacral treatment – $80 USD
60 minute CBD massage – $90 USD
90 minute CBD massage – $120 USD


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NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place, Plus Massage is not accepting appointments at this time. Rest assured we will be back open again as soon as possible! Stay healthy, stay home and wash your hands!! If you want to support me during this time, or want to be sure you get yourself (or a loved one) a massage when this has passed, here are two ways to buy gift certificates:

CLICK HERE to purchase a Gift Certificate through Square

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