All Customers Get a Deal in October

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All Customers Get a Deal in October

Because I am always open to meeting new people, I’m offering a deal for new clients for the month of October. Also, I’m celebrating moving to a new office (more on that later).

Between September 30 and October 31, any new customer can get a 60 minute massage at half price! That’s right… an $80 massage for only $40. Such a deal, right?

You must ask for your discount when you make your appointment… if you are already in my system or have seen me before, this discount is not available, but I have something for you too. All returning customers get $10 off their massage in October. I want you to come see my new office… so come take a look and get a massage while you’re there!

Regarding the change of offices, I will be in my current location until September 27. We’ll be moving over the weekend and massages will be taking place at the new office starting September 30, 2019!

New location address:  1111 Riverside Drive, Suite 404. Hint: I’ll be in the same building as Cool Hand Luke’s Restaurant, and less than a block away from the current location. Entrance is on the south side of the building (the opposite of the restaurant). There is an elevator or stairs to get up to the 4th floor and PLENTY of parking!! You’re going to love it (and so am I)!

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Ellen Fields is a California girl with one foot in Yucatan, Mexico. She is a massage therapist with a software/web/marketing background, a writer, artist, photographer and eminently distractable. About the only time she concentrates on one thing is when she is giving you a great massage...