Fresh Air and Sheets


Fresh Air and Sheets

Recently, my husband was kind enough to install a clothesline for me. We just moved our house to Paso Robles, the land of (seemingly) eternal sunshine, and I wanted to try saving money by drying clothes and sheets in the sun.

What a great decision that was! Maybe it is just me, but there is nothing like lying down between two crisp cotton sheets. And if those sheets have been dried in the sun and wind, the sheets have a scent that is impossible to duplicate. They just smell like fresh air and sunshine!

So now, in addition to a great massage at Plus Massage, you will be treated to sundried sheets! After drying on the line, sheets tend to be a little stiffer than when they come out of a drier, but they soften quickly as you use them. And they smell like the great outdoors.



Ellen Fields is a California girl with one foot in Yucatan, Mexico. She is a massage therapist with a software/web/marketing background, a writer, artist, photographer and eminently distractable. About the only time she concentrates on one thing is when she is giving you a great massage...